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The new options allow shoppers to drop their items off at dedicated mall kiosks, or even have things picked up at their doorstep. Retailers have to be competitive, whether its free shipping or free returns, said Tobin Moore, CEO of Optoro, which helps retailers find the best resale price when a product is returned. Here are some of the new ways returns are getting less painful: EXTENDED DEADLINES: Plenty of stores are lengthening the time frame for returns. Target extended the deadline to one year on items in its more than 30 exclusive brands, for a full refund. The previous limit was 90 days. Online shoe retailer Zappos has long offered a 365-day return policy, but as part of its loyalty program it now has no time limit for top-tier customers. LABEL-LESS RETURNS: Companies are getting more accommodating to shoppers who dont have printers at home and find it harder to produce return labels. UPS, which has more than 100,000 U.S. drop-off locations, said it tested a program last year that allowed people to present a barcode on their phones at UPS. Its now expanding that feature. RETURN IT AT THE MALL: Logistics company Happy Returns is building a network of return bars at malls in a partnership with several online-only retailers.

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Who can vote? You must be registered to vote, be at least 18 on polling day in England and Wales or 16 in Scotland, be resident in Britain and be British or a Commonwealth or a European Union citizen. To take part in the polls, voters must be registered by the deadline of midnight on Thursday, 13 April if living in England or Wales, and by Monday, 17 April if living in Scotland. Anyone not already registered to vote at their current address can register online here. Who is barred from voting? Convicted prisoners, anybody found guilty of election corruption with in the past five years and people who are subject to any "legal incapacity" that impairs their judgement. How do I vote? If you are registered to vote you should receive a polling card any time up to the week of the elections, telling you where you should go to cast your vote on 4 May. You do not have to take the card with you when you go to vote.

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